Maria Sofia Love Sanchez is a London-based model who’s been uploading videos of herself. One of her videos that went viral was when she uttered one-liners — “Para sa ekonomiya!” “Pak!” “Ituloy ang modeling!”. These lines were even used as a funny expression by the netizens.

After getting famous on the social media, some netizens liked her and followed her online for her videos.

Pinay transgender went viral on the internet again after uploading a video, but this time the netizens disliked it.

A recently uploaded video of her dancing maliciously only wearing a one piece swimsuit while using the Philippine National Anthem, is getting a thousand of criticisms today.

Ano po ang masasabi nyo sa ginawa ni Maria Sofia Sanchez sa ating Pambansang Awit?Hello everyone! Sa lahat po ng nag PM sa akin.. gusto ko lang pong ipaalam sa inyong lahat na Hindi po ako yung nasa Videong ito na nambastos sa ating Pambansang Awit! Kundi si Maria Sofia Sanchez po! At nakuha ko po ang Video na ito sa kanyang Facebook Live at Ni re-Upload ko po ito hindi para magpasikat! Kundi para ipaalam o iparating sa lahat na Mali po ang ganitong klase ng pagpapatawa! Dapat ay bigyan Galang at Respeto po natin ang ating Pambansang Awit! At labag po sa saligang batas natin ang mga aksyon na ginawa nya sa pag awit ng ating "Lupang Hinirang" Nawa'y maging isang malaking leksyon po ito para sa ating lahat! Hindi po masama ang Magpasaya ng Kapwa.. pero Dapat ay ialagay po natin sa lugar at bigyan ng Limitasyon ang ating pagpapatawa! Mas masarap magpatawa ng Kapwa na wala kang tinatapakan o Binabastos na kahit na sinuman…Maraming salamat po!

Posted by Kevin Abrilla on sábado, 9 de septiembre de 2017

After seeing this video, netizen クン ケビン  re-uploaded the said video getting the opinion of the other netizens. Netizens were surprised and attacked the Pinay transgender for disrespecting the National Anthem, considering that it is an extreme illegal act to disrespect the National Anthem as of House Bill No. 5224.

As stated in the House Bill 5224, “The national anthem shall not be played and sung on certain events like of those for recreation, amusement or entertainment purposes.”


This Bill has been approved by the House of Representatives, and if passed into law, will impose stiffer penalties for disrespecting the national anthem “Lupang Hinirang.”

As of today, the said video is already in 2.7 million views.

Maria Sofia Love is not yet releasing any statement after getting bashed online.


And this is her reward:

Shaming The National Anthem Reward
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Reported by: Luciell Lazada, Bill Germinal, Jhonpaul Lacson

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