A video was posted on YouTube by Brazilian Guy last June 24, 2015.

The video showed a car that was entirely covered in blue and white, of what looked like sticky notes. The white ones made out the symbol of a handicap parking spot in Brazil.

The driver returned to find his entire car covered with a blue badge symbol.

He quickly tried to clear his windshield while the people around him laughed and cheered, then he speeded from the scene as sticky notes flew off of his car.

Some of the netizens agreed of the punishment but some did not like what happened:


animalPlanet commented on the video “first handicapped persons don’t always drive, someone can drive for them but they need a place to get to the car easily, vandalism is categorized by destroying something public, that car wasn’t public and they did not destroy the car and finally he has been fined you can hear a person saying in the video “ele está sendo multado”.

While Froztarlozt defended that “In this video we see Vandalisation of Private property, and, well, let’s be honest here. They put that sh** ALL over his car, and a cop didn’t do a thing, now do you think that cop was trying to be cool? Or was just an idiot, having that much covering your viewing access while driving could lead to crashes. In all honesty if he had a good lawyer he could have run everyone over, and said “Well some idiot decided to cover my car in Post It Notes, so, due to that I wasn’t able to see where I was going.” Believe it or not, he would have gotten away, and probably counter sued.”

In Brazil, covering the entire car in a blue badge symbol is their way to punish a driver who had illegally parked in a disabled space.

This video has a lesson for us all: Never park in a disabled bay in Brazil!

Jynvel R. Anguren
AB Communication
Leyte Normal University

Source: Brazilian Guy’s Youtube Video


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