A Filipina dubstep beatboxer by the name of Huemay Juan has been wowing online users on Facebook with her unique beatboxing talent.


In a series of videos posted on her Facebook account, Juan shares her dubstep beatboxing skills, using her mouth and voice to create vocal effects normally heard in electronic dubstep music. She, along with her sister, have also posted an acapella cover of Britney Spears’s “Toxic,” an upload that has seen 1062 likes and 41 shares as of press time.


Beatboxing is described as being a type of vocal percussion involving the technique of creating drum sounds, rhythm, and other musical effect using one’s mouth, voice, tongue, and lips.

And if that’s not enough, Huemay Juan has displayed yet another talent, this time posting a video of her doing “The Knife Game Song,” an Internet trend made famous on YouTube by songwriter Rusty Cage.

In the video, Juan can be seen singing while playing a game with her hand spread out on a table, and attempting to stab back and forth between her fingers, speeding up the game as it nears the end.


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