Prank show in Japan prepared a fake haunted house that was visited by the innocent Tomoko Kaneda (victim). Producers of the show arranged fake supernatural atmosphere throughout the taping and made her believe it was true!

A taxi was then hired to transfer her to another destination and she had no idea that the driver was one of the prank accomplices.

Still calm, she shared the story to the driver how creepy the haunted house was and told him that there was a woman who once lived there. While she was sharing her story, a woman suddenly appeared inside the cab and was beside the accomplice driver.

Kaneda was so convinced it was a real ghost she almost fainted! She screamed and told the accomplice driver there’s a woman beside him but the driver consistently replied he wasn’t seeing anyone.

Kaneda was so frightened her reaction is one of the most epic and funniest ever recorded in the Japanese Prank Show.

See full video below:

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