It looks like someone’s walking in the footsteps of the late Steve Irwin.

An astonishing video of a man “playing” with a crocodile recently surfaced online, trending immediately on social media networks and drawing mixed reactions from netizens. In the footage, the man, walking barefoot in the mud, can be seen enticing the very large crocodile, using raw fish to draw out the animal from the water.

He then proceeds to distract and play with the creature, seemingly playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

For his last “trick,” the man holds a slab of meat with his mouth, egging on the crocodile to take a bite just inches from his face. Fortunately, nothing terrifying happened—for now at least.

According to YouTube user Forest, the video was taken during his time studying in Costa Rica in 2011; he only got around to uploading the footage on YouTube last month, where it would quickly spread to Facebook and beyond.

Facebook user Rodolfo Dodero confirmed this, saying:

“That is in my town! Tarcoles River in Costa Rica, is a crocodile, not al alligator (notice the pointed nose) This guy to taht twice a day as part of his Tour, THE CROCODLIE MAN !!”

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