Members of the South Korean pop group Gfriend were caught on video slipping multiple times onstage during a concert in Seoul.

The girl group performed their latest hit, “Me Gastus Tu,” at the 2015 Hyundai Eco-Driving Concert, which was broadcast live not only in the country, but also in Australia during the weekend. At the start of their performance, the Gfriend members danced gracefully across the stage, until one of their lead singers, SinB, plummeted to the ground at least 5 times because of the slippery floor.

Another member, Yuju, meanwhile fell three times, but still managed to face the crowd until the end of the band’s performance.

The stage in which the concert took place was rained the night before, making the stage floor slippery.

Although some netizens found the video comical, most people who had seen the concert did not perceive the incident humorous. The conditions of the stage and the frequent slipping of the girls also worried those who were watching the concert live.

“Me Gustas Tu”, their latest hit, debuted on Youtube last July 22, and has garnered over 600,000 views.

Source: Kickerdaily


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