Hunk Pedicab DriverWhen a netizen posted this photo, it is undeniable that the man in it looks like a typical hunk from showbiz. With a whooping 6-pack abs and a handsome face —who would have ever thought that this man is a pedicab driver?

Pedicab by definition is a Filipino ride for hire, a pedal-operated tricycle, two passengers can seat and be transported to a location. The post garnered so much attention that it made girls go crazy and it is now a social media frenzy. Many girls are also astonished by the fact the man chose to drive a pedicab for a living.

He is said to be from Calbayog City in Samar and girls are lining up for the chance to ride in his pedicab and of course —with him. While there are many netizens doubting if this is true or just another social media stint:

    hunk pedicab driver

hunk pedicab driver



hunk pedicab driverhunk pedicab driverhunk pedicab driver

And so a netizen went and searched for the man to verify this, she said:

 “Nakita ko sya kanina naka pila sa metro inantay ko talaga na sya na ang magpasakay para maka sama ko man lang sya kahit saglit  kuya nemeennn.” 

Seems like this story is true then.


Another hunk was also spotted three months ago in a public bus transportation as a handsome bus conductor! Well, not everyone who has the looks and a hunk body wants to be involved in showbiz; others just want a low-key and decent living.


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