Yes, you read the title correctly. Artifacts of the Homomimus Alatus were discovered in London. This creature is believed to be nothing but a myth. But, this shocking discovery tells otherwise.

For those who have no idea what this creature is, Homomimus Alatuscome in different types of species. The species pictured in this article is the Larva non volucris which is a wingless species of Homomimus. Sightings of these creatures are extremely rare that’s why, for hundreds of years, these remained to be just a myth.

Homomimus Alatus
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They are commonly referred to as the “borrowers” because of their kleptomaniac habit.These creatures have been a household name since the 1200s as they were the ones blamed for missing objects in the house.

As you can see in the picture, they look similar to fairies. In a diary found together with these creatures, it is said that Larva non volucris is, in fact, not a separate species from the Faerie.

These artifacts were found in the basement of Thomas Theodore Merrylin’s house in London. In 1960, the area has to be cleared to give way to the construction of a new residential area. The mansion owned by Thomas Theodore Merrylin, which has long been abandoned, is situated in the area so it needs to be demolished as well.

So, while clearing the house, the workers discovered numerous wooden boxes which were all tightly sealed. When they opened the boxes, to their surprise, they found bodies of strange creatures. Most of these creatures were only heard in fairytales. They also found diaries that contained his study of each of the creatures in his collection.

Based on his diary, he collected these while he was in the Amazon. He observed the species’ actions. Eventually, he returned to his own country with hopes that he could find these too. He visited people which reported sightings of these creatures. He may not have seen them but traces of their existence can be seen.

Merrylin was a cryptonaturalist, fringe zoologist and xeno-archeologist. And, because he is a scientist, you can never say that this is just a fairytale. This discovery can surely challenge everyone’s understanding of Science.

If you want to check this collection, you can visit the online archives of Merrylin Cryptid Museum.

For more detailsabout Thomas Theodore Merrylin and his collection, you can watch this video:

What do you think about this? Do you believe in fairies? Do you think that this is really true?

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