A video has been making rounds on social media involving a condo owner who confronted a family for taking videos at the playground of a condominium complex.

Here is the video:

The video was originally uploaded by Facebook user Mayuki Shichi. According to Mayuki Shichi, they were just bonding with their mom who will soon be flying abroad. The man in the video known as Louie Baltazar approached them and scolded them for what they were doing.

As seen in the video, Mr. Baltazar asked why the family was there. The woman, Mayuki Shichi’s mother, told Mr. Baltazar that they’re just having a family bonding and that they’re staying at a friend’s condo unit which they rented for 2 days. Mr. Baltazar then said that the reason why the family doesn’t know about the rules is because they were just tenants.
Mr. Baltazar added that the real owner of the condo unit where the family is staying should have told them about the rules and regulations for the safety and security of the owners. The woman then asked what they did to Mr. Baltazar because, from what they know, they didn’t even do anything to Mr. Baltazar.

Mr. Baltazar said that the family has been roaming around the area and taking videos – which he said is prohibited. The family told Mr. Baltazar that they’re not going to argue with him anymore.
This incident happened at Gateway Garden Heights in Mandaluyong, Metro Manila.
Meanwhile, here is another side of the story as what Facebook user Joules Castillon said in his comment:

Condo Owner Comment

Mayuki Shichi took a photo with 2 kids without their parent’s consent. He posted it in his Facebook account which was set to public. As of this writing, the photo no longer exists in his Facebook account.

Here’s another photo comment from Facebook user Mike Limson justifying Joules Castillon’s comment:

Condo Owner Viral Comment

One Facebook user (Jude Nario) even said that the group of Mayuki Shichi also did something wrong:

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Louie Baltazar also created a Facebook account to defend himself:

So, what are your thoughts about the incident?