Having a hard time waking up in the morning? Engineer and inventor Simone Giertz aims to solve this problem bydesigning an alarm that will really get you out of bed.

The 25 year old robotics enthusiast posted a video of her newly invented slapping alarm clock which she called “The Wake-up Machine.”

In her video caption, she said that the machine is built from parts of the regular clock wired into an Arduino UNO and controlled by a 165 brushless DC motor.  The slapping feature meanwhile is done by a rubber arm attached to the mechanism.

Giertz posted 3 videos for her invention-and all these have already received various comments from viewers. Some found the invention hilarious, but there were also those who saw a potential what she has made.

“Building things to inspire people to learn something about electronics,”serves as Giertz’s catchphrase both on her blog and her YouTube channel.

You think a slapping alarm clock can be the perfect solution to our perpetual laziness to wake up in the morning? Share us what you think!

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