Former promising actor, Baron Geisler involves himself into another messed- up scene once again.

Last July 7, 2015 Geisler was caught on video challenging the bouncers of  SkyTrax Super Club in Angeles City, Pampanga.“ Suntukan na! Tara na! Eh leche wala akong ginagawa. Putang ina mo! Tara na!,” Geisler said in the video.

According to the witnesses, the bouncers of the club apparently did not let the actor to enter the club for he was obviously too drunk and was acting strangely.

In the video uploaded on Facebook, Geisler was primarily having an intense argument with one of the bouncer in regard with his entry to the club then ended into the actor’s drunken outburst.  Geisler insulted, cursed and threw criticisms at the bouncer and even threatened the bouncer and his family then challenged him into a brawl. However, the wise men did not accept it and let the actor continue his scene until Geisler left the place on his own.

This is not the first or the second time that the actor has involved himself into an unwise scene or issue.

Geisler, who started as a talented child actor since the year 1994, lost his image in his career after having a series of controversies including accusations of sexual harassment from actresses Yasmien Kurdi, Julia Clarete, Cherry Pie Pichache and was find guilty for acts of lasciviousness against the actress Yayo Aguila’s daughter Patricia Martininez.

He was also accused for physical assault of his neighbor and have been detained for a short period of time after the charge was dropped.

It was reported that the actor was said to be under the influence of alcohol during those incidents.




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