Last June 30, 2015 a video goes viral of a homeless man played public piano attractively in Sarasota Florida.

This video was taken and uploaded by Aurore (Aroar Natasha on Facebook).

The piano player’s name is Donald Gould. Donald (Boone) Gould has become an overnight viral sensation with his beautiful musical talent. Donald is a former Marine and is just a few classes short a degree in music theory.

Over 2 million hits on the video of him playing the piano in downtown Sarasota has this Sarasota homeless man.

Donald unfortunately lost his wife and now in search of his 18 year old son. Donald desires a second chance at life according to

He is an extremely musically talented and can play or teach any instrument that comes his way.

Listen to the video of his absolutely beautiful version of Styx, “Come Sail Away”! Donald and his best friend Paul Leonardo play the streets of Sarasota daily.

Some of the netizens appreciated his talent:

Mauricio Fernandes said that, “Hello Mr. Gould, know you from YouTube, and God, you got such a gift! Awesome talent, wish you all the best and hope someone could help you as you did help our hearts with your music. All the best, from Brazil.”

“Mr. Donald (Boone) is a victim of circumstances that put him on the wrong path of life. Based on his piano performance piece, this true Artist showed MASTERY that can only be achieved with patience, rigid discipline, & countless dedicated hours of practice. Mr. Donald (Boone) is gifted with a real talent that deserves a place under the sun, for all to appreciate. Let us contribute however we can, to out to Mr. Mr. Donald (Boone) just as his music reached our hearts. Have a blissful independent 4th. of July US day”, Moroccan Rose commented.

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