When it comes to entertainment, there are so many programs that can be watched during your spare time. Whether people prefer to install strategy or shooting games, the market for gamers offers a wide range of choices. The birth of Cooking Dash, Hotel Dash and Angry Birds triggers the interests of players around the world. There are some games that were designed for women especially the ones related to fashion. Most mobile phones today have the capacity to bring social media sites anywhere you go. Most users know that social media sites have games that were already integrated. These can also be played on iPads and iPhones as well.

Here is the list of games below and see if these can really entertain you:

1. Pitfall – The creators of this game might be intending to surpass the popularity of Temple Run. Most players have to admit that this one looks really similar to Temple Run. There are several stages that allow users to jump and slide most of the time.

2. Gasketball – Unlike basketball, there are several tactics that players can do. There are choices to create various shots and see different challenging levels.

3. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom – Children will definitely enjoy the gaming environment. There are options to customize the difficulty in every stage. The goal of the game can be easily understood by younger audiences.

4. Agent Dash – This game can be compared to typical detective games.  Feel free to play the role of James Bond in this game. There are options to upgrade gems to make you a little richer. Parachutes and jackets can be used for reaching the destination quickly.


5. Smurf’s Village – These tiny characters can really entertain kids today. Some people are having a hard time dealing with touch screen devices. With this game, users can easily manipulate the character in order to succeed completely.

6. Castle Age – This is not your ordinary strategy game. Combine the power of weapons and upgrade the skill of a character. Players can effectively protect their kingdoms. Fight enemies throughout the game.

7. Doodle God – This one allows people to play as a God. In this game, the four elements are presented and these are fire, water, earth and air. It is up to the players on how they can control these elements. If this is done successfully, users can get rewards.

8. Dark Knight Rises – Inspired by the movie. This game was created to satisfy the demands of gamers today. Fight Selina Kyle and Bane. Create your own movements using the available controls to protect Gotham City against destruction.

9. Zynga Slots – This time it is easier to play slot machines right there on your screens. Upgrade the machines whenever it is necessary. Traditional slot machines only have a few lines but this one 40 lines. Don’t hesitate to play and enjoy the game.

10. Bike Race – Race all you want now. The goal is to obtain stars before unlocking a more exciting game. The environment allows players to leap and avoid other obstacles.

The list will guide players to choose games which are considered funny and exciting at the same time. There are free and premium online games.


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