Solar-powered technologies took a big part of every human’s modern lives. The fast growing technological advancement contributes largely to the so called “modern world”.

Stella Solar Car

One great example that will show modernity is the creation of the four-seater vehicle called Stella.

Stella, the first ever family sized vehicle that runs on the sun has made its U.S. debut. The lightweight, wedge-shaped automobile is capable of travelling 500 miles (800km) on a single charge – further if the sun is shining – while clocking 80 miles per hour.

While other solar-powered vehicles have been made for racing, the solar-powered car is the first vehicle made for road travel. A large solar panel sits atop the roof to power the car and is completely energy positive that produces twice energy as it consumes.

According to Lex Hoefsloot, manager of Solar Team Eindhoven who designed and built Stella, it is the first family car that is powered by solar energy.

Inside the car, a tablet computer on the dashboard showed a traffic light and counted down the time until a signal ahead would next turn green. A transmitter in the Tesla let Stella know where it was and what it was doing.

Stella The Solar Car

In addition, Stella isn’t just about alternative fuels; the vehicle is also a showcase towards the advancement of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication. A ‘connected car’ is able to exchange information with the vehicles ahead, allowing it to calibrate the most efficient driving speed for ideal traffic flow.

Moreover, these types of cars can also potentially communicate with city infrastructure, which could warn drivers of traffic jams and accidents before they become a part of them.

The vehicle recently completed a zero-emission jaunt through California, kicking off National Drive Electric Week in Los Angeles and travelling along the coast to Sacramento and San Francisco.


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