Are you looking for a smart phone that you can take anywhere you go? A phone that won’t be damaged easily?

Introducing Huadoo V3 Quadcore Phone!

Militay Rugged Smart Phone

This phone is the new rugged phone in the Philippines which was introduced in the market just recently. You will surely be amazed with this phone. It is a waterproof, freeze proof, dust proof and a shock proof smart phone. You can’t find all of these features in a single phone, only in Huadoo V3 Quadcore!Amazing isn’t it?

And, since this phone is relatively small and lightweight, with just a 4.0 inch screen, this can easily fit in your pocket. You can take this whenever you go for an adventure. If you’re in the military and want to stay connected to your loved ones, you can take this phone with you all the time. This can really serve as your military phone. Take it with you even when you’re in the middle of a battle without any worries that this phone will be damaged.

For those who love taking pictures, fret not! This phone has dual cameras so you can still take selfies and pictures anytime. It also has plenty of shortcut keys at the side so accessing its features becomes very convenient. Huadoo V3 Quadcore comes with a stereo headset so you can listen to your favourite songs and videos. Owning this phone will never be boring.

Take note, it is certified by the CTA/CE/ROHS so you are assured that this phone really has good quality. It also complies with the ICNIRP, an international standard on radio wave radiation. Complying with these certifications ensures users that this phone is safe to use for everyone in different age groups.

Watch this video to see how sturdy this phone is:

After you watched that, you may now be curious where to buy this rugged phone.

Actually, you can easily order this phone in Lazada Philippines. Click the link to own a rugged phone now:

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