Photographers today have a new best friend, and that’s the drone. Drones fly high in the air to give shutterbugs a different view of their subjects, and from their flights they bring in images that are simply beautiful.

But drones these days are still big and chunky-until this arrived.

Meet OnagoFly, the “smart nano drone” that fits in the palm of your hand.

OnagoFly is a rather compact drone that is built with GPS Auto-Follow and a hi-res video camera that enables photographers to take better images of their subjects, may it be still life or rapidly moving events. This drone is simply the one that meets any photographer’s dream because of its specs, such as:

  • 15mp and 1080p, HD, 30fps. These specs are comparable to today’s high-end cameras and smartphones. Yes, it stands strong against the camera specs of the iPhone 6s.
  • GPS navigation. It holds the record for being the first nano drone to track the location from a smart device and record images while flying high.
  • Smart enough to avoid obstacles. This nano drone knows just how to move along narrow spaces and avoid getting hit using infrared technology.
  • P2P streaming. You can watch videos from the drone anywhere using a tablet or smartphone without delay.
  • Immediate takeoff and landing. You don’t have to wait for a few minutes to jumpstart the drone-it lifts itself on real time, and lands on real time as well.
  • Has a matching app. The drone comes with an OnagoFly app so it can be controlled easily using a table or smartphone.

The OnagoFly is surprisingly light, weighing only 140 grams. It is also ahead of its contemporaries, as it can work at its best for 15 minutes in the air.


Since it is currently crowdfunded, the OnagoFly still comes at a very affordable price. This is something to take advantage of, as once the brand goes private, its prices may skyrocket as well.

ONAGOfly PurchaseThe OnagoFlynano drone is worth its price also because it looks and functions similarly to that of military drones, which are rather designed for monitoring and surveillance measures. Now that’s better value for money.