Probably it’s really funny to say that I believe that their website will become one of the biggest sites in the country. Maybe I was just amazed when they discussed to me what their website is about.

The site’s name is, it’sa 360-degree needs website brainstormed, developed from scratch and optimized to fit in Google Search Engine by skilled and talented Cebuanos.

Imagine a website that can make people’s daily lives easier by letting us buy or get what we need using an easy payment system that is fit for Filipinos and with fast and organized delivery flow. People can now do grocery shopping online and in just a few hours they will get what they have ordered. is an ultimate solution for busy people and for those who like to save money rather than to spend more traveling to the mall or grocery store just to buy their everyday needs.

Another good example is when you’re doing house construction.Today with the help of AllNeeds, you can easily sit beside your carpenter in front of the computer and purchase whatever he needs to build your home.

Not only that AllNeeds is an online shop, it is also a 360-degree site where you can find different services and professionals near your location to provide you with the services you need.

Since AllNeeds is a Virtual Mall,it doesn’t require a lot of manpower such as salespeople, guards and utility staff for its business partners and it doesn’t even need building rentals or other expenses. Because of that concept, AllNeeds’ business partners can offer highly discounted products in their website compared to the prices in malls or shops.

So, overall,AllNeeds will be the most efficient solution for convenient and affordable shopping.

The main functionality of this website is so simple and easy to understand. Here’s how the platform will serve for both Business Partners and End-Users.

For Main Homepage –This is the page where you can start your search or see the highly discounted products or services offered by AllNeeds partners. Shown below is the Beta 2.0 layout of AllNeeds:

AllNeeds Homepage LayoutWith Description

Here is the functionality of each section found in the main homepage:

  1. Account Menu – This is where users (or buyers) can check their account and order status.They have to enter their account details in order to view their status.
  2. Main Menu – This is an easy to navigate menu that can help users to easily find what they need in the site.
  3. Products and Services Search Option – This is the section where users can search for products and/or services. Users can enter the company name in order to view the products and/or services that the company has to offer.
  4. Individual Providers or Skilled People Search Bar –This is where users can look for professionals or skilled individuals.
  5. Featured Business Partners – This is the section where users can see the top-rated Allneeds business partners.
  6. Highly Discounted Products and Services – This is the section where the products and/or services of Allneeds business partners will appear.
  7. Category for Discontented Products or Services – This section allows users to easily find products and/or services by grouping it into categories.
  8. Featured Individual Providers – This is the section where users can find the top-rated Allneeds professionals or skilled individuals.


For Business Partners:

  1. The site has the capability to create a Mini-page for Business Partners with the following sub-pages
  • Home – This is the section where users can see important information about your business such as your Company Name, Address, Contact Information, Business Hours, Reviews, Promo Banner, your Business Focus and Your Products. This is how your page looks like:

Mini-Site Page With Description

a. Logo – This is where the logo of your company will be placed.

b. AllNeeds Verified Seal – Having this seal means your business is thoroughly verified by an AllNeeds verification officer as a legit business. (AllNeeds only accepts registered businesses)

c. Menu – This allows users to easily navigate through different pages.

d. Search Bar – This allows visitors to search for your Products or Services. This search bar has been designed to show only the products or services that you offer.

e. Direct Button to Products or Services – This allows users to directly view all your products and services.

f. Reviews – This is the section where reviews from your clients will be posted.

g. Contact Details – This section contains contact details such as your contact number and email address.

h. Address – This section contains the address of your company and/or branches.

i. Service hours – This section indicates the opening and closing hours of your company.

j. Our Focus – This gives buyers an overview on what your company has to offer.

k. Products / Services Preview – This contains your featured products and/or services.

l. Button to all Products or Services – Clicking this button lets the user view all of your products and services.

m. Page promotional banner – If ever your company has a sale or promotion, this is where the banner/announcement will show.

  • Overview – The overview gives the prospective clients a brief background about your products and services. It also contains the mission and vision of your company giving clients an idea on what your company is about.
  • Business Papers –This page shows the business papers of a company. This serves as the proof that your company is really registered. Soon, this page will be changed into the logos of the respective government agency that released the license/permit because placing a copy of the license/permit lets unscrupulous people to copy it.
  • Products – This is where the Products or Services of thebusiness partner will be displayed. This section only displays the products or services that is offered by the chosen business partner.
  • Contact Us – The contact information in this section is already the contact information of the business partner. If you use this information, you can directly reach the business partner you’re trying to contact.


  1. Back-end capability – The platform is able to the following:
  • Sales Analytics – The sales analytics section lets the business partner see their most bought products and services. This also indicates the amount of money that the business partner has earned in a certain period.
  • Inventory – The inventory section indicates the remaining number of products and services left. This notified them about the availability of a certain product or service. By getting notifications, business partners can order the product ahead of time before it runs out.
  • Sure payment collection using Dragon Pay and is connected to over 3,000 payment centers around the country which will really make clients happy as they can conveniently pay for their orders.
  • Capable of printing invoices, order receipts or other documents correlated to the transaction in AllNeeds
  • Customer Support – To assist Business Partners in any concern about the platform.


  1. Online Marketing – AllNeeds is designed to fit for Google Algorithm and is manage by Internet Marketing professionals to drive traffic and conversion to each postings done by the business partners.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – All the pages in AllNeeds are SEO Friendly and designed to be searched locally using each of the business partner’s brand, location, product and business & products descriptions.
  • Social Media Campaign – AllNeeds has a social media team and a budget to promote and syndicate all of its Business Partners and its products in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus. AllNeeds will create a customized banner for Social Media like this:

AllNeeds Everday Sale

This banner can surely entice customers to purchase products and take advantage of the services of the business partner.

  • Sales and Discounts Promotion – AllNeeds aims to become the main hub for discounted items in the country. AllNeeds will promote its business partners in multiple waysto let prospective clients know about the highly discounted products and/or services.

4. Offline Marketing – Since AllNeeds is a virtual mall,offline advertising such us banners, publication and magazines is part of the campaign to gain massive traffic and conversion for all the tenants or business partners of AllNeeds.


For End-Users:

AllNeeds don’t like to make the process complicated for its End-Users. That’s why they’ve made this easy process for their customers:

  1. Register – To register, you have to enter your personal information such as your name, address and contact details. Make sure to double check the information you’ve entered before you proceed.
  2. Search – The search process is easy. Just type in the products and/or services you’re looking for and AllNeeds can give you a list of companies or individuals that offer it.
  3. Select – Once you’ve found the product, select it to view additional details about the product.
  4. Pay – Pay for the products and/or services you’ve selected in order to finalize your purchase. You can pay from the 3000 plus payment partners of DragonPay nationwide. You can evenyou’re your credit/debit card to pay for your order at AllNeeds.
  5. Confirmed – To proceed with the payment, click confirm. But, make sure to double check the details you’ve entered such as your name, address and the payment method you’ve selected.
  6. Receive – This will indicate that you’ve completed the purchase. This gives you an option to print an official receipt. It also indicates your order, address where your order will be delivered and your chosen payment method.

Just a few simple steps for customers.

Opppsss! There’s more!

There is a little challenge in AllNeeds for customers. Customers canenjoy highly discounted products and services. Every day is a sale in AllNeeds!

So do you think this website can become the biggest site in the country?  Just imagine a life with AllNeedswhich offers comfort and convenience in buying your needs and in such discounted prices.

Just imagine that Business Owners can get the chance to expand their businesses without the need to establish another physical store.

Just imagine! For sure, you can already tell that they are the next big thing in the country.

Watch Concept:


AllNeeds information: is a project of Cream Corporation, a duly licensed company in Cebu composed of Bankers, SEO Experts, Accountants, IT Experts, Salesmen, Lawyers and Marketing Experts.

AllNeeds is a Start-up project and is very promising to become one of the leading online projects in the country.

AllNeeds is targeted to be fully operational in May 2016.

For more information about, please contact Atty. Sydrick Jose Andrei Deiparine, Public Relation Officer.

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