facebook is down

Facebook here and Facebook everywhere, but suddenly, the world’s largest social network was offline all over the world. This is not the first time Facebook has suffered a widespread outage which has lasted for more than a few minutes.

Facebook has explained the outage that left users unable to log on for 30 minutes this morning.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and chief executive, was famously quoted for saying that the social network would never go down, it would never crash, but Facebook has suddenly suffered a major outage that has hit both its website and smartphone and tablet apps across the globe.

The outage prevents users in accessing the social network leading many to decamp to other services like Google+ and Twitter to show frustration.

“Facebook is down, I must be the only one which means this makes me less, not more productive. Ugh goddamnit facebook,” said Mathew Hanley, a netizen.

“Sana hindi mabura mga picture .. hehe,” Rey Labadon posted via twitter.

“R.I.P Facebook” Endigo Skyborn posted in twitter as well.

While down, the social network showed an error message on its home screen as users struggled to log on. 78 percent reported a total blackout, while 21 percent were unable to log in.

The outage was long enough that brands started to capitalize on it, poking fun at the social network.

Good thing is, Facebook comes back but the frustration felt by users cannot be erased.

LNU ABCom Intern