Say goodbye to your fingers.

A Japanese mobile company has invented Arrows NX F-04G, first smartphone using eyes to operate its services.

From unlocking the phone to making online purchases and logging in to different applications, Arrows NX F-04G is considered as another breakthrough in mobile technology.

Arrows NX F-04G Iris Verification


Through its iris scanning biometrics capability, Arrows NX F-04G is set to change the way mobile business is done. Arrows NX F-04G also comes with a 32GB of storage, 5.2-inch QHD resolution display, 3GB RAM and runs Android 5.0 Lollipop. “Infrared camera and infrared LED capture the iris pattern of the mobile user,” said Fujitsu company, the industry partner of NTT Docomo which produced the smartphone. Mobile transaction can only start after the iris of the mobile user is scanned and recognized by the phone.

According to NTT Docomo, the Arrows NX F-04G is “much more secure” compared to other security features offered by Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 phones after its prototype was unveiled and tested during Mobile World Congress last March. Reportedly the smartphone will be sold in the Japanese market this last week of May.


No announcement yet when the Arrows NX F-04G will be launched outside Japan.

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