MANILA, Philippines-A daily browse of Facebook profile keeps one’s blues away.

In a recent study  conducted to several students in Cornell University USA, professor Catalina Toma and communication specialist Jeffery Hancock found out students who browse their Facebook showed improvement in their self-worth despite being unfairly criticized online.

“Participants who had examined their Facebook profiles for five minutes were more likely to assume responsibility and less likely to blame others when receiving negative feedback,” Toma and Hancock said in their research.

“Spending time on Facebook may fulfill important ego needs. By showcasing a version of self that is attractive, successful, and embedded in a network of meaningful relationships, Facebook enhances users’ perceptions of self-worth.”

According to the two researchers, students who had taken a glimpse of their own profiles for a few minutes took the negative feedback much better or with neutrality than the other students, with their profile status serving as confidence booster against strong criticism.

The result of the study suggested that “Facebook is a self-affirmation tool.”