, Inc launches a paradise community for employers and job seekers.

California, USA (PRWEB) April 17, 2013 – Today, the programming super-team at iProgr.amproudly announces the launch of its new revolutionary video resume portal,, featuring patent pending technology that looks as if it will change the employment marketplace forever. is a new online community that will connect thousands of people from all over the world. It aims to be the world’s go-to hub for all online job seekers and employers as well as improve the hiring process by making it simpler and more comprehensive.

58128_174307322725684_853490642_nWith this new platform, you can find a job through the constantly updated online directory with hundreds of current listings as well as instantly apply for the job with a video resume that truly shows prospective employers who you are. is able to match employers with new-hires quickly and easily and is paradise both for employers and job seekers. evolved out of a growing need for the younger generation of job seekers to differentiate themselves in the employment marketplace from other people with just a bland paper resume.

According to Anya Benton, Director of Marketing, this software aims to make the employment process easier and more accessible for everyone. “Our objective is to create a bridge between job seekers and hiring companies. Through our system, we want to help individuals establish their careers and attain stable, gainful employment and, at the same time, help companies find the right people to achieve business success,” Benton said.

Benton encouraged both professionals and fresh graduates to post their profiles on and make sure to make them compelling. She put an emphasis on the importance of creating a distinctive and honest resume and how it can positively impact someone’s job search.’s founder Simon Kashi explains, “Our motivation behind creating was that we felt that there is a vast need for a professional social networking platform tailored to a younger generation.” That need has finally been filled. (PR)