MANILA, Philippines – “We’ll give them a special toast. We’ll present our heroes to our fans most probably on Sunday,” Philippine Basketball Association Commissioner Chito Salud said.

According to Salud, a tribute will be given to the Philippine team as a fulfilment to the country’s dream after 35 years of absence in the championship world.

Commissioner himself made a big contribution towards the success of Gilas Pilipinas as well as to the participation of PBA stars in its quest in Asian battle.

The recent success of Gilas Pilipinas after years of defeat proved that the PBA selection with the Filipino’s support made them a winning team in the 2013 FIBA Asia wars.

“We are living a dream. The country’s heart has been inspired by Gilas and filled with nothing but pride and overwhelming joy,” Salud added.

Written by:

Mary Grace M. Gomez
ABCom Intern
LeYTE Normal University