Juan Manuel Marquez, 40, is one of the possible candidates for Manny Pacquiao’s next opponent, his U.S. promoter Bob Arum said.

Photo credits to Sportsonline.ua

Arum added that Bradley and Ruslan Provodnikov are the other guessed opponents for Pacquiao in April in Las Vegas.

Reports from Mexico have showed Marquez’ (55-7-1, 40 knockouts) immediate interest  in a rematch with unbeaten fighter Timothy Bradley, who edged Marquez by split-decision in October.

It can be recalled Nevada judges gave Marquez his most recent bout to Bradley, saying afterward that he would not return to fight in Las Vegas and was strongly leaning toward retirement, which made him really angry.

Arum asked Marquez if he would be willing to fight again in Las Vegas and Marquez replied “I didn’t say that.”

He said Marquez told his Mexico-based promoter Fernando Beltran that he wants two more fights instead.

However, Pacquiao’s trainor Freddie Roach said that fighting Timothy Bradley is  Pacquiao’s top priority, followed by the rematch with Juan Manuel Marquez.


Pacquiao’s aim for revenge

Roach said that Pacquiao is aiming for revenge against Bradley, who took the World Boxing Organization welterweight title from Pacquiao last year via split decision victory.

“Personally, I want Marquez but I’m not sure if we can get him. He wants a lot of money. Bradley is also a possibility for Pacquiao wants revenge,” Roach stated.

Photo credits to The Latino Post
Photo credits to The Latino Post

If there will be an agreement between both camps, the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch could be scheduled for April 12, 2014 in Las Vegas.

However, Marquez’s camp is also aggressively pursuing a rematch with the undefeated Bradley after Marquez loss their fight so this could be a huge stumbling block for the possible Pacquiao-Bradley rematch.

Beltran said that they are already negotiating for the rematch, saying that Marquez wants to get back at Bradley badly.

“We are in negotiations for a rematch between Marquez and Timothy Bradley. We have always pursued what Marquez wants because of his devotion, professionalism and loyalty. I try to look for the best opportunities. He wants revenge and that’s the fight we’re looking for,” Beltran stressed.

Moreover, Marquez’s promoter also said that he already talked to Bob Arum about their plan and he is confident that Marquez and Bradley will face each other again either in March or July next year.