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Forbes recently released its annual report of the world’s richest people, debuting a record number of 290 newly-minted billionaires. However, all eyes are on the most famous name on the list: Michael Jordan.

Jordan now boasts of a net worth of at least $1 billion, amassed partly from his endorsement deal with Nike Inc. The company reportedly brought in more than $2.25 billion through its Jordan brand in 2013, giving Jordan a hefty paycheck of $90 million in that year alone.

But it was Jordan’s increased ownership of the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets team that launched him into the billionaire boys’ club—Forbes estimates the team to be now worth $700 million.

Despite retiring a third and final time in 2003 after playing 15 seasons for the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards, Jordan’s earning power has only increased exponentially since then, with Forbes recognizing the Hall of Famer as the highest-paid retired athlete in the world. And although Jordan only comes in at 1,741 on the billionaire’s list, he is only the second pro athlete to do so—the other being former tennis player turned real estate mogul Ion Tiriac.

In basketball-crazed Philippines, Michael Jordan is still arguably the most favorite basketball player among Filipino fans, a testament of His Airness’ staying power.

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