Las Vegas, USA – Manny Pacquiao vs Timothy Bradley:

Buffer: Let’s get ready to rumble!

Kevin Iole@KevinI Retweeted by Bradley, the undefeated champion, is being loudly booed

Pacman Vs Bradly Motolite

Liam Happe:
Pacquiao throwing the first few decent shots. One almost leads to him getting caught by a counter uppercut though. Tentative but promising opening minute.

Pacman Vs Bradly Round 1

Kevin Iole@KevinI Retweeted by Punches in 1: Pacman 7-44, Bradley 7-41

Round 2:

Pacman Vs Bradly Round 2

Liam Happe:
Pacquiao the aggressor now here in round two. Bradley being backed up more than once. Crowd eating it up. Very pro-Manny.

Liam Happe:
END OF ROUND TWO: Those power flurries from Pacquiao definitely win him that one. In hindsight the opener was definitely interpretable as 10-10 going on the land stats. But it’s at least one up Manny for me.

Round 3:

Liam Happe:
Pacquiao spins away from a Bradley combo on the ropes. Great movement by the challenger in this round.

Liam Happe:
Manny finishes the round strong and is two up from three I reckon with some seeing it as all 3 Pac-Man and others 2-1. Either way, safe to say he’s ahead. Great round though!

Round 4:

Kevin Iole@KevinI Retweeted by Why oh why oh why is Bradley throwing so wide and willing to engage in a slughfest?

Liam Happe:
Bradley staggers Pac-Man with a lovely right. The straight approach reaping more rewards.

END OF ROUND FOUR: Bradley claims his first round outright with his brass tacks approach leading to two great rights clearly fazing Manny and a number of other decent lands. 2-1 Pacquiao with the opening stanza dead even.

Round 5:

Liam Happe:
Round 5 a slow one so far, hopefully will be a one-off.

Liam Happe:
Bradley back on the front foot now with a minute left. Pacquiao with some neat counter-snaps. Great exchange.

Liam Happe:
Close round five but Bradley edged it with strong shots again straight down the centre. Very little between the two after 5 for me.

Round 6:

Liam Happe:
Another round of little action in the first two minutes but Bradley is moving very well here, dodging a lot of offense. In a round of hardly any lands that can be enough to get a 10-9.

Liam Happe:  Pacquiao goes for a late flurry at the end of round five to try and snatch it, but Bradley dodges all but 1 or 2 and smirks shaking his head at the end of it. Judges may see that as enough for Manny to win it but for me Bradley outboxed him in that round and leads by one for the first time.

Liam Happe:
But, as said, don’t be surprised if many people take that late flurry and use it to decide an otherwise tight round with almost zero clean lands.

Round 7:

Pacman Vs Bradly Round 7

Liam Happe:
Pacquiao puts Bradley on the ropes with a lightning flurry and Tim clinches!

Liam Happe:
Bradley takes a couple of hard shots at the end of the round and may win a psychological edge by taunting them away but that’s definitely a Pacquiao round

Liam Happe:
I have them seven after 7 and I see several people have either man up by one round.

Round 8:

Liam Happe:
Bradley getting really cocky, taunting with his arms down and luring Pacquiao into wild swings.

END OF ROUND EIGHT: Hard to figure out what Bradley’s endgame was there. Took a few stiff shots and didn’t really look to fire back, rather just try to wind Manny up. Pacquiao round.

Round 9:

Kevin Iole@KevinI Retweeted by I am hearing Bradley may have hurt his hand. Unsure now. Just passing along but that’s unverified

Liam Happe:
Pac-Man swarming over Bradley once more and Tim can only swing wildly

Liam Happe:
END OF ROUND NINE: Big round for Pacquiao and he has a tangiable lead again in the eyes of most, surely. If Bradley really has hurt his hand it would kinda make sense of his baffling tactical approach in last few.


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Round 10:

Liam Happe:
Strange in that Bradley weathered a hot Pacquiao start and took control, but has squandered that by foregoing his central straight approach and Manny is fully capitalising.

Liam Happe:  Pacquiao laying them on again. Bradley with a couple decent shots in reply but this fight is slipping away from him.
Round 11:

Liam Happe:
Pacquiao stalking Bradley in the 11th and the champion isn’t looking great.

Liam Happe:
Each man connecting with good isolated lands in the 11th but Pacquiao is controlling the pace and the flow. His confidence is at top gear.

Liam Happe:
END OF ROUND 11: Even round perhaps but Pacquiao has a 4 round advantage for me with one to go.

Round 12:

Liam Happe: 30 seconds left. Heavy round quite even but Bradley needs a KO…

Pacquiao is cut by an accidental clash of heads right at the death here.

Liam Happe:
There’s the bell. Bradley raises his hands but he does not look convinced.

Liam Happe:
A better performance from Pacquiao than in the first, particularly in the way he pulled away from Bradley after a rough patch and finished great rather than just bossing the middle.

Liam Happe:
I had 7-3 Manny with two tied rounds. Many other experts have it Pacquiao by 4 or 5.

Judges: 116-112 twice and 118-110 for Pacquiao

 Congratulation Manny!!! 

Source:  Yahoo Fight Cast