Hidekichi Miyazaki of Japan was recently applauded by audiences for doing a 100-m dash in just 42.22 seconds. With this feat he has set a new record for being faster than anyone else his age in this sport.

And Miyazaki is 105 years old.

105-year-old man sets new athletics record

The Japanese sprinter is only 32.64 seconds slower than the world record set by Usain Bolt, who is regarded to be the fastest person ever.

Hidekichi ran with other competitors during a 100-meter dash in the Kyoto Masters Autumn Competition in Kyoto, a day after his 105th birthday.

However, Hidekichi’s record falls short of current Guinness World Record holder Don Pellman. The American sprinter, despite being younger than Hidekichi, has done the 100-m dash in 26.99 seconds, at the age of 100.