COMMUNITERE is currently working to assess the needs of the people of Nepal who were affected by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that occurred Saturday.

The current death toll has reached 2,400 people in Nepal; neighboring countries have also sustained significant losses. The earthquake was the largest to hit Nepal in over 80 years; the aftershocks have been significant and continue to affect the people struggling with the disaster.

Communitere has a person on the ground who will be conducting an initial assessment, identifying urgent needs and sourcing 5 to 10 potential local partners who are already in action. Our volunteer in Nepal will also be assisting with search and rescue efforts using a drone to maximize visibility and reach.

The decision to launch a full deployment will be based on this assessment and will also include identifying if there is a need for establishing a Nepal Communitere Resource Center.

We are currently receiving donations at our Communitere General Disaster Response Fund to facilitate these efforts.

The amount of funds we raise will be a factor in determining the scope of our response. Our desire is, of course, to go to Nepal to do what we do best: serve the Nepalese people by creating a hub where we can facilitate shared resources and bridge gaps in aid.

From long experience, we know that creating a conduit between individuals who are willing to help and the organizations that can effect change is the key to an emergency response that can make a measurable difference in the recovery and renewal of this profoundly affected community.

Should our assessment prove that an on-the-ground presence by Communitere is not needed then any funds raised will be reallocated to our newly identified Nepalese partners who are doing great work but do not have the capacity or infrastructure to raise funds from the international community.

Please consider donating today and we’ll keep you posted. Thank you for everything you do to support people in need across the world!

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