So, I guess he’s bored with being the president?

President Duterte in Taxi

A recent Facebook post has gone viral with over 2,379 shares, 4,400 reactions and 600 comments showing a great puzzle. The post, posted by Norman Talimongan of Davao City on the night of October 5, 2017, went viral because it showed the incumbent President of the Republic serving as the taxi driver of the lucky Davaoeños. Check out the post.


As stated, “Kakatapos lang namin mag futsal (indoor football) sa Crocodile park Davao City kanina, then since malayo and madilim palabas ng lugar nag patawag kami ng taxi sa staff, I was with some foreigners din na futsal players, then 10mins while nasa taxi kami, bumulong si Alec na kahawig nung driver si President Duterte, so ginawa ko is nilapit ko mukha ko and tiningnan ko yung rear view mirror, LUMAKI MATA ko sa nakita ko hahahaha pta. CONFIRMED! HAHAHAHAHA! “HALA JUSKO!!” then sabay tumawa yung driver which assume namin na si President talaga. May pa cover pa siya na face towel sa ulo niya.”

The post continues, “We asked him “Pres kayo po ba yan” MARAMING BESES, Then always wala siyang sinabi then tumawa lang, nilapit ko ulit mukha ko then natataranta na yung mga foreigners na kasama namin sabay search ng mukha ni Pres.Duterte sa google para iconfirm Hahahaha! CONFIRMED! ang ingay ingay na nila sa taxi to the point na nag arabic na sila OJ sobra hahahaha! 😅 Di namin alam guys if siya ba talaga or Kamukha niya lang, but if SIYA MAN or HINDI SOBRA kaming nag enjoy sa taxi. 😍 wala din siyang ID sa Taxi niya which dapat meron. DI ko talaga alam.”

(We just finished a game of Futsal (indoor football) at Crocodile Park in Davao City earlier. Then, since the way outside the area was far and dark, we asked the staff to hail us a taxi. I was with some foreign Futsal Players. Ten minutes inside the taxi, Alec whispered [to me] that the driver really looks like President Duterte. So I took closer look and stared at the rear view mirror. My eyes widened because of what I saw. Confirmed! HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my God! Then the driver laughed which we already assumed to really be the President. He even tried to cover his face with a hand towel.

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We asked him, “Pres, is that you?” many times. Then he just didn’t respond and then started to laugh again. I took an even closer look and the foreigners who were with us Googled President Duterte’s face. Hahahaha! CONFIRMED! They were become noisy inside the taxi to the point where they started speaking in Arabic. OJ, like really, hahahahaha! We don’t really know guys if it’s really him or just a look-a-like but whether it’s him or not, we were having a great time inside the taxi. He also did not have an ID of [or inside] the taxi of which he should have. I really don’t know. )

The netizens went on a frenzy after people started sharing and tagging people in the comments section. Some made puns about the situation. Seno Judievic wrote, “Bagong sideline n papa digong ang maging taxi Drver at maging asset hahaha lol” (The new sideline of papa Digong is to become a taxi driver and become and asset hahaha LOL). Other netizens where not as accepting as some as they asked about the just reported news that the President was in fact on his way to Brunie for an official matter. Others agreed and even shared about the Du30’s past mayoral stint where he did drove a taxi around or even commute like a local to check on his city (Davao City).

But, despite the great traction of the story above, it would appear to be an unlikely fact and merely a mistaken identity due to some seemingly similar facial attributes the driver shared with the President. Last night, it was already reported that President Rodrigo Duterte, lovingly known by his supporters as Papa Digong, was already en route to Brunie to attend the Sultan’s Golden Celebration since the latter ascended the throne. Counting, this would be the President Duterte’s second visit to the Sultan, of which the first one was last year in October.

Though it would be nice to have your President be your taxi driver for the night, it would be most likely to happen anytime soon as the Duterte is swamped with nation and international matters. But then again, who knows?! The President has plenty of surprises under his sleeve.

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