MANILA, Philippines—House Minority Leader Ronaldo Zamora announced that the minority is already ready to accept chairmanship for public information and ethics committees on Wednesday.

The said committee remains without a chairman. However, this is expected to be a flash point because the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill remains popular these days.

“I’m not sure that the majority is prepared to come up with a clear statement on whether they want the FOI or not,” said Zamora, expecting that the public information committee will tackle about the FOI measure.

“Until they are able to resolve that, you should not expect them to come up with a committee,” he added.

Meanwhile, Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales denied that the delay of choosing for the public information committee has anything to do with FOI bill.

“Not true. Some committees really take time to form,” he said in a text message.

Furthermore, according to Antonio Tinio (ACT Teachers), a house members representative and also a supporter of the FOI bill, the minority is willing to take charge of the committee in case the majority is not ready yet.

But, Zamora stressed that before setting up a committee, the majority has to first decide the policy.

However, the composition and chairmanship of the public information committee is considerd to be crucial in fate of the FOI bill in the House of Representatives.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ben Evardone, a member of President Benigno Aquino III’s party, eventually sponsored a version of the bill.

Written by:

ABCOM Intern
LNU Tacloban, Philippines