Manila, Philippines – Janel Lim Napoles, a businesswoman, will submit herself for investigation after being linked to alleged P10 billion scam involving several lawmakers’ pork barrel funds, her lawyer confirmed.

“She is willing to be investigated but at the proper forum,” Atty. Bruce Rivera said at a press conference.

“If it is a formal charge there will at least be proof and evidence involved,” Rivera added.

In a statement read by Rivera, Napoles remained firm that she is not involve in the said controversy while calling the allegations against her as “blackmail and lies”.

“I have nothing to do with the so-called misuse of senators’ and congressmen’s PDAF using bogus NGOs as alleged in the series of Inquirer reports,” Napoles said in her statement as read by Rivera.

Napoles also stated that the allegations by whistleblower Benhur Luy put her and her family in danger.

“I now fear for the security of my family and myself since Benhur divulged in public our known residential addresses as well as locations of our offices. Several family-owned vehicles were already exposed by Benhur and we are now in fear that kidnappers would now be targeting us, thinking that the amount of money being attributed to us is true,” she added.

Napoles also accused Luy of being a drug user and for being “gender confused”. Rivera showed photos of the alleged whistleblower high on drugs that backed up the said claim.

Napoles also revealed that Luy tried to extort P300 million from her together with other demands in exchange for dropping the false charges against her.

“They hatched a scenario of serious illegal detention and tried to paint a motive by implicating me in a multimillion-peso anomaly such as the fertilizer fund scam and the Malampaya fund scam of which I absolutely have nothing to do with,” she said.

“It is clear that the extortion and blackmail is behind the series of articles which have appeared in the Inquirer and was no doubt fed by several unidentified NBI agents who were wittingly being used by Atty. Baligod and the Luy family for their own selfish motives,” Napoles added on her statement.

The controversial pork barrel “scam” dragged the names of five senators who were identified as Senators Ramon Revilla, Jr., Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Enrile, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Gregorio Honasan, who allegedly used their Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) to support the ghost projects by false NGOs through forgery, falsification and bribery.

The lawmakers denied the allegations and have urged for an investigation on the said pork barrel “scam”.