“Call it faith, call it destiny, call it luck, whatever we call it, I am just truly honoured to serve you all,” Vice Governor Carlo Loreto said in a video posted on his official Facebook page.

Loreto was re-elected into office for his second term as the Vice Governor of the Province of Leyte.

He said that the Sangguniang Panlalawigan will be more active and hands-on in providing services to its constituents.

“Expect a more intense, a more active, a more dynamic Sangguniang Panlalawigan with me at the helm,” Loreto said. “Together with the Provincial Board Members, we will be more hands-on with our work as a way of giving-back to the people who put us into office.”

“Not everybody gets a chance to make an impact in the lives of so many people,” the Vice Governor added.

Loreto’s first term as the vice governor was never easy. He even described it as challenging, exhausting, and humbling. But he managed to institute reforms in the sanggunian processes by setting up the paperless session system within the first year.

In three years, Loreto spent a lot of time visiting the municipalities and barangays in the province to engage them in dialogue. He believes that political machineries are not only a means for winning elections, but can be used to effect needed reforms in government.

“We will continue to strive, to serve with utmost dedication. We are thankful for the successes of the present and we will address the demands of the future,” Loreto quipped.

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Shena Pajares


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