MANILA, PHILIPPINES—Another seat in the Bureau of Customs (BOC) is soon to be vacated now that Customs Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence Danilo Lim tendered his resignation.

Just a day after Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon decided to quit from post, Lim also offered resignation saying “the bureau has not performed according to the expectations of people”.

“It is in this spirit that I tendered my resignation as Deputy Commissioner for Intelligence of the Bureau of Customs,” Lim said.

After the President rebuked BOC during his recent State of the Nation Address on Monday, Lim wrote a letter of resignation right away. He submitted it to the Office of the Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa the day after, but still received no word from the Palace.

In an interview, Lim said they cannot just leave their post without a response from the appointing authority. They need to wait for PNoy’s signal.

Lim added that in his stay at the BOC, he tried to be relieved from his duties but been told to wait for vacancies and possible transfer to other agencies.

Despite resignation, Lim said he is still proud of some changes and development he has brought to the Bureau. This includes the successful seizures of smuggled items in record breaking numbers.

“Though small compared to the Herculean tasks of cleaning these Augean stables, they are no less lasting and significant achievements,” he stated.

Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon’s resignation however has been rejected by the President saying he still trusts Biazon that he will make more reforms in BOC amidst corruption issues.


Written by:

Ram Idelbert A. Hilario
ABCom Intern
Leyte Normal University