MANILA, PHILIPPINES—The Bureau of Customs (BOC) is soon to face investigation on alleged “padrino system” as ordered by Senator Francis Escudero.

“Assuming that not all employees of the BOC are thieves, but the government must weed out all the thieves in the agency, and all those who dip themselves in its coffers, especially from members of Congress if there are. There is an emphasis on the kind of public accountability that is constitutionally demanded of from senators and representatives of the Republic,” said Escudero.

To eradicate corruption in the bureau, Escudero called for a joint probe in BOC by the blue ribbon, ways and means and finance committees under Senate Resolution Number 124.

Escudero was triggered to do such action when high ranking officials of the bureau admitted that some influential personalities have been intruding in the agency’s conduct of business. These allegedly include senators, congressmen and relatives of some high government officials.

These were confirmed by Commissioner for Administration.

“As the second biggest revenue earner, BOC deserves a full and thorough legislative deliberation”, Escudero added.

He even challenged officials to name names so that whoever is guilty will be made accountable.

Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon also said that the “padrino system” is so difficult to break because it has deeply rooted inside and outside the agency’s system already.

“Padrino System” is the value system where one gains favor or political appointment through family affiliation or friendship. The system has been plaguing the corrupt-labeled BOC for many years already.


Written by:

Ram Idelbert A. Hilario
ABCom Intern
Leyte Normal University