MANILA, Philippines— The newest Philippine Navy warship, BRP Ramon Alcaraz, receives a warm welcome from the Philippine Navy as well as the residents of Aurora province upon entering the waters of the Philippines early this Friday.

At least 30 fishing bancas and local fishermen surrounded the BRP Ramon Alcaraz in the Aurora waters as reported by Ronald Leander.

“After almost two months of long journey from South Carolina, we can now confidently say that BRP Alcaraz is finally home,” the Philippines Navy announced in its blog.

The said warship is scheduled to dock at Subic on August 6 where it is expected to get a welcome that will be headed by President Benigno Aquino III.

Meanwhile, Errol dela Cruz said that the crew members are already preparing for the said ceremony.

“Everything must be in place, not only for the formalities and ceremonies that will take place upon our arrival, but also for the series of activities lined up for the ship starting tomorrow,” Dela Cruz said.

Written by:

ABCOM Intern
LNU Tacloban, Philippines