Pampanga Congresswoman Gloria Arroyo. Photo Courtesy of

According to trusted sources, the proposition expressed by the allies of Ex-President and Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to seek medical treatment abroad has not been renounced. Certain procedures have been planned by the congresswoman’s allies from the House of Representatives to convince the government that Arroyo be allowed to partake in the said operation.

It is through the efforts of the House Minority Leader and Quezon Representative Danilo Suarez that the said proposition has come to a practical conclusion. The Quezon Representative filed a resolution that the chamber review and reconsider their decision.

The resolution, however, did not mention their original bid, which is to allow the Congresswoman to be sent abroad, as he wants the chamber to decide as they see fit. He, meanwhile, proposed an idea to the chamber they appear in a medical conference which will be attended by all the physicians and independent doctors of Arroyo in order to make sure that the decision they will be making will be in consideration of Arroyo’s current state.

In a dialogue by Minority Leader Danilo Suarez, he mentioned and pointed out that there are only two things which the chamber would need to look into to assure that we they are making the right and rational decision. It is to carefully find out through the findings of the medical practitioners 1) whether or not the surgery can be done here and 2) if there is a need to send the under par congresswoman abroad.

Another statement released by the Minority Leader is the affirmation that the Pampanga President has indeed been operated three times already, after which, she has still not been substantially treated. These operations have been carefully conducted by carefully hand-picked government and private doctors as they aim to aid Arroyo’s misaligned cervical spine.

According to press releases, this is because of the entrenched titanium implants in her neck that have shifted and are slowly blocking her airways. Furthermore, Makati Medical Center’s Dr. Norberto Anastacio said that Arroyo is in a dire need of medical attention abroad as one of the complications of her current condition is sudden death.