A photographer named Michael Stokes of California, decided to prove a point by taking photos to the next level.

In Photos, War Veterans posed like those sexy and eloquent  images you see  in calendars and magazine.

“Some people told me that this should help them a lot with their self-esteem, or that I am helping them to feel men again,” Said Stokes.

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This project began when a marine of the United States  named Alex Minsky whose leg was amputated after explode a bomb in a gutter in Afghanistan in 2009, choose to be photographed showing their amputations and war scars, Strokes took out a book called “Always loyal”.

Some of the veterans saw the book and wanted to show to the public what they’ve been through that’s why Stroke decided to help them.

Strokes also said that these men have healed and are ready to eat the world, he is just paying back the trust that the people has given to them.

These photos are posted in a Facebook page and were given positive advice by the netizens across the globe.

“What a beautiful photos. This is what I wanted to highlight, the courage not the pose. Strokes really highlighted the life of this heroes. I’ll give them my full respect” stated one of the comments.

Source: Facebook

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