Matt Hickling and Abby, a four-year-old cancer patient, exchanged candy rings as part of their whirlwind, mock wedding ceremony.

A nurse helped create “the best day ever” for his smitten four-year-old leukemia patient when he married her in a whirlwind, mock ceremony at U.S. hospital. Abby suffers from pre-B cell acute lymphobastic leukemia. She met Nurse Matt Hickling at the Albany Medical Center’s Melodies Center for Childhood Cancer in Albany, N.Y.

Nurse marries 4-year old cancer patient

A few days before the ceremony, Abby kept saying she was going to get married that week. When her mother pressed Abby to answer who she would be marrying, Abby said Hickling. Her mother texted Hickling to give him a heads up about Abby’s romantic plans.

That’s when Hickling sprang into action. In less than a day, he and the staff at the hospital planned and executed the four-year-old bride’s dream wedding.

The little bride wore a shiny white dress and headband to the nuptials on Thursday. She carried a bouquet of pink and red flowers donated by a local florist.

She approached Hickling, who donned a tuxedo T-shirt for the occasion, and shyly asked him if he would marry her. When he said yes, she embraced him in a giant hug.

Both Hickling and Abby’s Facebook pages say she called it “the best day ever.”



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