The most arrogant and disrespectful enforcer- that is how one netizen described a Manila traffic enforcer after an incident in España, Manila on June 9.

Anna Dio posted on Facebook a warning to her fellow motorists and identified the officer as Rubic L. Saraza. According to Dio, they were gestured to stop even though they still had three seconds on green light when they were turning right to Lacson from España.

“Thinking that he was just going to check for the car registration (since the car was due for May), we already prepared the papers to show proof of registration. But to our surprise, he suddenly said that we turned on red light.”

Her husband, Anthony, explained what really happened and that Saraza gave them the signal to turn. This made the officer suddenly snap and asked them to show his ID “para matapos na at makaalis na daw kami.”

When they asked why they have to do it, Saraza abruptly said, “Gago ka pala e, para kang bata nagtatanong ka pa.”

This angered the couple but they still followed his order to prove that his assumptions wasn’t correct. But Sarah a still took the ID and issued them a ticket.

To their frustration, they refused to take the ticket and are determined to file a complaint against Saraza.

This isn’t the only time that a motorist encountered “rude” traffic enforcers.

Just last year, KG Sison was also asked to pull over by an, according to her, “arrogant and disrespectful” officer because of a violation that she explained she did not commit. The ticket showed that she violated code #55 and according to her sources, it wasn’t “abrupt changing lane” but rather “driving with suspended license.” That’s when she realized the officer just made up the violation.

Also from last year, three complaints from motorists were filed against MMDA Constable Jorbe Adriatico. One complainant said that Adriatico punched on her vehicle and shouted invectives at her, the other said that Adriatico threatened to kill him, and the other accused Adriatico of being abusive.

Dio’s encounter with Saraza opened up reactions from the netizens.


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Officers like these should be corrected. Just because they work for the government doesn’t mean they can abuse their powers. Fight for your right and file a complaint against these “arrogant,” “rude,” “disrespectful,” and “abusive” officers.

Yssa Acosta
Leyte Normal University

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