Filipina raped by an Indian salesman, sentenced for 15 years in Jail.

United Arab Emirates – A Filipina was raped in Dubai and the suspect has been sentenced 15 years imprisonment.

According to Dubai Court of First Instance, the 47 years old salesman asserted that the “intercourse” has been made with mutual consent however, he was found guilty by sexually assaulting the 30 year old Filipina with the initials of J.M. at a said party in Jumeirah Villa. The suspect even told the Emirati police while he was being arrested that the Filipina was a “prostitute” however, the Filipina together with her friend testified against his statement and told the officers that he invited them at his villa for a party.

As quoted by Gulf news, the victim stated, “When I got drunk around midnight, I sat on a couch to rest… in the morning I found myself in the bed and (the defendant) slept beside me. When I asked him about (my friend) he claimed that she left, he punched me twice because I refused to respond to his sexual advances.”

The Indian salesman will be deported after completing his punishment. Although prosecutors had asked for death penalty for what he has committed. The judgment is subject for appeal within 15 days only.

According to the friend of the victim, she helped her get dressed and took her to the hospital. The victim then confided to her friend that she was raped by the party’s host which is the Indian Salesman.