WE HAVE received reports last night from stranded women overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) sheltered at Riyadh Deportation center that their fellow wards Sheila Mae Masulit and Babae Ramalan were pulled out at the deportation center yesterday by persons who introduced as officers of Jawasat (immigration).

Accordingly, the two were able to call their fellow OFW wards. Shiela Mae managed to call her husband who is based in Al Kharj, a nearby municipality about 120 km. away from Riyadh.

Earlier that day, the two were informed by POLO-Owwa case officer that they will proceed to the immigration office for their deportation formalities.

The two conveyed that they were being forced to sign a documents in Arabic. Because they refused to sign the documents, both were slapped and allegedly were sexually molested. The two said they were not at Jawasat office but were placed in an isolated room.

An hour later both Sheila Mae and Babae mobile phones can no longer be contacted.

On behalf of Sheila Mae’s husband, Migrante-Middle East (M-ME) coordinator John Monterona and Migrante officers conveyed the incident to the attention of the Philippine Overseas Labor and Welfare officials in Riyadh. A request to locate the whereabouts of the two OFWs was lodged. POLO-Owwa officials promised to look into this incident.

We seriously raise our concern for the safety and security of stranded women OFWs housed at the deportation center.

As of this writing, M-ME are still awaiting updates from POLO-Owwa officials.

We have also mobilized our members and networks to visit all police stations near the deportation center to look for the two OFWs.

John Leonard Monterona
Migrante-Middle East coordinator
Mobile number:00966.53.908.1974

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