Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz. Photo courtesy of

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Manila on Friday confirmed that Saudi government granted clemency to seven overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) jailed for various criminal offenses.

The granting of pardon followed after the month-long observance of Ramadan ended in Saudi Arabia. Said holy month in Muslim countries started this year from July 20 to August 18.

The Embassy however kept the names of the Filipino workers and the details of their crimes.

“The move confirms the importance of strengthening the friendship between the Kingdom and the Philippine,” Charge d’ Affaires Abdulelah A.A. Aljebreen of Saudi’s Royal Embassy in Manila said, adding Ramadan is a season of good will, pardon and mercy and it’s coming causes the lifting of the penalty imposed resulting from the offense committed.

“This clemency distinguishes the Kingdom from the rest of the world as it preserves the family entity and social relationships and makes those it covers feel the tolerance of Islam.”

Saudi Arabia, being the top destination among migrant workers, has around 1.2 million OFWs today.