Remains of Filipina business woman will finally be brought home in Manila. Photo credit to

Lorna Lim Varona is a Filipina businesswoman who was murdered by a Filipino family friend in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), her remains is expected to be brought home from UAE to the Philippines on October 3 (Wednesday).

According to the news site Emirates 24/7, Lorna Lim Varona’s daughter Liza stated that they have received clearance from UAE authorities and that they will be leaving on Wednesday morning.

Meanwhile, according to the news site Gulf News, the day of the arrival of Varona’s remains in the Philippines overlaps with the 40th day after her death.
For most of Catholics, the soul of the dead will either go to heaven, hell, or purgatory on the 40th day after the person died.

Gulf News added that Pablo, the husband of Varona, 51, will take her remains home via an Emirates flight. Their daughters Lourdes and Maria Liza will fly to the Philippines as well on Tuesday.

IVrona’s sons Joseph Luke and Joseph Louis who lives in Manila, were busy preparing their mother’s funeral arrangements.

The wake will be held at Funeraria Paz at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City, from October 4 to 7.

The funeral is scheduled on October 8 at the Manila Memorial Park in Parañaque City.
According to reports, Varona was last seen on August 26 after she met a friend, who owed her money. After that, she didn’t came home. Her body was later found a week after she went missing which was September 1, inside the trunk of her owned Jaguar, full of blood. The car was apparently abandoned for days.

The suspect is Ricardo Bechavez, a Filipino who happens to be a close family friend of the victim for over two decades.

Bechavez allegedly borrowed Dh 250,000 (roughly Php 2,850,000) from Varona, who went missing on the day she came to collect the loan payment.

Police reports stated that Bechavez has already admitted to the crime and charges are now being processed.

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