Riyadh – The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh recaps their previous statement to Filipinos in the Kingdom, especially for those OFWs living in the remote provinces of the Eastern and Central Region, and regular travelers whose passports were about to expire, to renew their passports as early as 9 months before the expiry date of their own passport.

All applicants for renewal are advised to schedule an appointment for passport renewal through the Embassy’s website www.philembassy-riyadh.org.

Pinoys or Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in the Kingdom are advised to notify their employers of the expiry date of their passports to avoid inconvenience and other hassles as the new electronic passport will be released around 1 month after filing or renewal of application.

The online appointment system will allow the passport applicant to choose the date and time of their desired appointment. After successful booking of appointment, the system will send a confirmation to the applicant’s e-mail address. It is also required for them to have a valid email address, they must check it from time to time.

Due to difficulties in managing appointments made by text messaging, the Embassy no longer accepts appointments by text or phone call.

According to the Philippine Embassy, they discourage multiple bookings made by a single applicant so that they can maximize the appointment slots of 216 applicants in 1 day.

If an applicant wants to change his/her appointment schedule, he/she needs to cancel the appointment to allow another applicant to book the vacated slot and they can move forward with other applicants who wanted to finish their appointments within the day.

The Philippine Embassy appeals to the different Filipino community organizations in the Kingdom to disseminate the information on the appointment system to their respective members.