Photo credit to Protest in Egypt continues
Photo credit to Protest in Egypt continues

Manila, Philippines – As conflict continues in Egypt, the Philippines unceasingly ordered a mandatory evacuation after Foreign Secretary Albert Del Rosario saw the “marked deterioration in peace and order, exacerbated by complex political challenges” in Cairo.

Five Filipinos arrived earlier last week and fifteen Philippine nationals with student visas are expected to arrive in Manila from Egypt on Friday.

Foreign Affairs department added that nine others are scheduled to leave Cairo.

Furthermore, according to Foreign Ambassador to Manila Mahmoud Mostafa Ahmed, there are now only less than 6,000 Filipinos in Egypt.

Ahmedhe also said that he respects the Philippines’ decision for the repatriation even if some of the Filipinos are still not willing to come home.

“The airports are working normally. The violence in Cairo is limited to certain focused areas, not the whole Egypt. We are not saying that we are now living in paradise. The level of violence is still under control,” Ahmed reassured.

“The government is trying to contain the situation by any means. They are all Egyptians. We are going to deal with them according to the law… We are going to deal with them with tolerance, good spirit to convince them that what has passed has passed and let us look to the new future a new horizon,” he said.

Meanwhile, the labor department secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz have directed OWWA Administrator Carmelita S. Dimzon to give assistance to the arriving Filipinos in Customs and Immigration processes.

On the other hand, like Philippines, Thailand had also ordered a mandatory evacuation of their citizens.

Written by:

Hanna Bartolome
ABCom, Leyte Normal University