Protest in Syria continues. Photo by USA Today
Protest in Syria continues. – Photo by USA Today

Manila, Philippines- The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) intensifies its effort to repatriate remaining Filipino workers in Syria to ensure their safety.

According to DFA, there are still 3000 Filipino workers in Syria.

“We have been encouraging our citizens in Syria to get out of harm’s way and seek immediate repatriation since we raised alert level 4,” DFA spokesman Raul Hernandez said.

“The Department of Foreign Affairs urges Filipinos, who are still in Syria, to seek immediate repatriation as the security situation in the country continues to deteriorate,” Hernandez added.

Hernandez also told reporters on Monday that 160 additional Overseas Filipino Workers will be arriving in Manila this week.

“They have been issued exit visas by the Syrian government and have safely crossed the border to Lebanon,” he said.

The DFA spokesman also added that there are at least 92 OFW staying in the Philippine Embassy in Damascus that have been issued with exit visas as of September 1.

“More cross-border repatriation operations will be undertaken in the coming days. We hope to transfer them to Beirut this coming Thursday,” Hernandez stated.

All Filipinos are requested to avoid places that are possible strike targets.

Meanwhile, US President Barrack Obama has pushed for military strikes in Syria and is now waiting for the approval of the Congress.

Written by:

Hanna Bartolome
ABCom, Leyte Normal University