There are two to three Filipino workers who are subjected to physical and sexual abuse in Kuwait per daily-monitoring basis, migrants’ rights group said.

In addition, Migrante-Middle East spokesman John Leonard Monterona said they also monitored about six cases of mysterious death involving OFWs in Kuwait last year.

“Kuwait is one of the notorious destinations of Filipino household service workers. That’s why we were surprised why the DFA and DoLE-POEA certified Kuwait as ‘safe’ destination of OFWs,” Monterona told Manila Channel.

The latest case of sexual and physical abuse on Filipino workers in Kuwait involved the raped and stabbing incident of one Filipina shop worker Marissa, 27, from South Cotabato by a Kuwait authority on October 1. Luckily Marissa survived in the incident.

The group has also asked Philippine officials in Kuwait to extend all the needed assistance to Marissa and other OFW victims.

“Our officials must ensure that there will be no cover up and see to it that the culprit will be sent to jail and sentenced.”

“The Aquino govt. should not let this pass. It must instruct the PH embassy officials in Kuwait to provide all the needed assistance to OFW Marissa including hiring of local lawyer to pursue her case against the culprit,”added Monterona.

Monterona informed he had already sent a communication to PH labor attaché David Des Dicang requesting for an update and status of OFW Marissa as per request from the latter’s kin in the Philippines.

“So, for the nth time, we will repeatedly ask ‘Where’s the protection for our OFWs especially household service workers in the Middle East as promised by Pres. Aquino?” Monterona added.