What’s wrong with you? If you’re not a cheerleader and you think you can pull off a split without something going horribly wrong, you should probably rethink that decision.

WXII 12 News traffic anchor Chris Lea was on location during the station’s live Backyard BBQ coverage and challenged a Forbush High School cheerleader to a toe touch competition.The showdown started with an impressive performance by the high schooler who powered through despite an ankle injury. Lea followed her with an energetic and perhaps overzealous showing of his own. A fellow reporter warned Lea before he started, saying “Ready Chris? Don’t split your pants honey. I’m worried about your pants.”

The newsman then leapt into the air and the sound of a loud seam rip was heard. Lea landed and quickly covered the wardrobe malfunction while the crowd in the background erupted into laughter. Everyone could see this coming from a mile away.
Lea had a sense of humor about the whole situation so is the station.

WXII posted the video link on their Facebook page and captioned it with “Oops!” The station also posted in Intagram stating “Bad news: @chrisleatv split his pants live on air. Good news: He’s wearing underwear #wardrobemalfunction.”

Lea also took the awkward moment in stride by tweeting “Eh..no biggie it happens. And sometimes we split our pants on live tv.”
Boom panes!

LNU, ABCom Intern

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