Heroes come in all sorts of shape and sizes as well as from all walks of life. Some of them die for the greater good so that others may be spared from going through pain or hardships. Some of them survive the war and live another day. But not all heroes are sung, and, the worst is, some are forgotten and neglected instead of being taken cared of and/or celebrated.

Retired SSG NARCISO DELA CRUZ ALPAS living alone and neglected along the streets

Retired Philippine Air Force Soldier

Despite his contribution to keeping the peace of the nation with his own life at stake, retired SSG Narciso dela Cruz Alpas has been forgotten by time and the people who should be taking care of him. Though pensioned, he has not received a single cent of it.

Tatay Narciso “Isok” Alpas was once part of the Philippine Air Force (PAF) with serial number 695184 enlisted personnel and was assigned to 356 ES of the 355th Aviation Engineering Wing (AEW). The AEW is in-charge of the planning, maintenance, and construction of airways and other infrastructure deemed to be a priority by the government. He was then assigned to the 730 Combat Group (CG) in Nasugbu, Batangas before being assigned as a member of the 710 Special Operation Wing (SPOW). The 710 SPOW is an elite combatant unit of the Philippine Air Force.

Philippine Air Force Special Forces conducting air to ground assault training:

They are also dealing with hostile elements and civilian mass actions by organizing contingency operations as well as carrying them out. Not only do they coordinate air strikes but they also tasked with Explosive Ordinance Disposal operations and training K-9, as well as their handlers, for bomb and explosive bomb detection, handling honor /ceremonial functions of the Philippine Air Force.

Despite being a member of such an elite force, retired SSG Narciso dela Cruz Alpas is now living as if he is a nobody. Left to his own, Tatay “Isok” roams the streets uncared for and seldom sleeps in canals or street gutters and according to the post of Perfecto Manigbas:

“Pinabayaan siya ng pamilya niya na palaboylaboy na sa lansangan at minsan sa canal natutulog, at sa ngayon di na makatayo dahil na nabangga ng tricycle.

Ang monthly pension niya, hindi siya ang kumukubra sabi niya [Tatay Isok] kundi ang isang kamag-anak niya daw na hindi man niya masabi ang pangalan dahil kung kausapin paiba-iba na ang sinasabi dahil nawawala na sa sarili, tulungan po natin si Tatay “Isok” Narciso Alpas.

It reads: “He is neglected by his family and is left to roam the streets and sometimes sleeps in a canal and, as of now, he is unable to stand up because of an injury after being hit by a tricycle.

As for his monthly pension, he is not the one who is claiming it. Instead, one of his relatives claims the pension but he [Tatay Isok] is unable to name that relative because of his instability in speech and thought. Let’s help Tatay “Isok” Narciso Alpas.”

Hoping this article will reach the proper authority and his relatives to help our forgotten heroes.

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