Receiving full military honors is not something that everyone receives and is reserved only to those who have served valiantly as men and women of the military. So why did she receive them?

The passing of a Spanish-Filipina actress took the country by surprise. No one expected that Isabel Granada would perish. At a prime age of 41, she was achieving a lot and wasn’t looking like she was slowing down. She was an actress of such caliber and worked with many notable names in the Philippine entertainment industry. Her role as Estela in the film Ligaya ang Itawag Mo sa Akin was the one that won her FAMAS Award for Best Supporting Actress back in 1998. She appeared in many films and even on television. She also became a singer and released two albums, Out Here on My Own in 1998 and Mood for Love in 2000.

Though her achievements can be seen on the silver screen and the television, there is still a lot that the public has even fathomed about her. In 2001, she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Philippine Air Transport and Training Services College of Aeronautics and joined the Philippine Airforce as Airwoman through direct enlistment.

Though she did not serve in vigorous activity as much as a military personnel like most soldiers are, like going to battlefields, that did not stop from serving her duties on PAF’s Civil Military Operations. Using her celebrity status, Isabel supported the PAF by willingly hosting and performing, as well as drawing crowds to many PAF events. With her active status, she consequently contributed to the image of the PAF to the public through her proper demeanor of not only as a celebrity but also as an aviation enthusiast of which she was proud to admit.

AW Isabel Granada
Photo posted in FB by R. Mendoza

With how much Isabel has contributed to her community and to society, people made efforts to show their love and respect for her.

To show their final respect for their comrade of the PAF, PAF spokesman Maj. Aristides Galang Jr. said that the Air Force would extend a funeral honor and service to the actress that would serve as PAF’s way of showing their concern for the welfare of its personnel.

Source: PAF, Facebook

Her friends also made plans on their own on how they can show it best in their own way. Posted earlier this week, Bianca Lapus, Granada’s friend and co-star in the film Halik ng Sirena took to her Instagram account to show a sketch of the dress that Isabel wore in her wake. (See post below)

While on a business trip to Qatar with her husband Arnel Cowley, Isabel suffered six cardiac arrests that to a coma. She was first rushed to the Heart Hospital of the Hamad Medical Corporation and was later moved to the Hamad General Hospital. It was then found out that she suffered a brain hemorrhage and aneurysm that affected her heart. Sadly, she was pronounced as brain dead by October 27. She died 8 days later on November 4, 2017. On November 9, 2017, her remains arrived in Manila and were then greeted by her family, her friends, and members of the PAF whom draped the Philippine flag over her white casket.

The remains of the late actress will be then transferred on Sunday, November 12, 2017 at the Arlington Memorial Chapel where a mass will be held at 1:00 PM. This will be followed by cremation at 2:00 PM.

May her soul rest in peace.

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