Around 80 American and Filipino sailors have finished a two-week training on improving interoperability and capabilities in sea, air, and land (SEAL) activities.

The training, named “Flash Piston 16-1), was comprised of the Philippine Navy’s Naval Special Operations Group (Navsog) and the Special Warfare Unit-1 of the US Navy.

PH and US Navy Seals

Philippine Navy and US Navy Seals Joint Training

US and PH Navy Seals Training

The capacity-strengthening exercise was conducted from 18 Jan to 1 Feb at the Navsog headquarters in Sangley Point, Cavite. It involved 60 Filipino sailors and 20 Americans.

According to Navsog commander Capt. Alfonspin Tumanda, Jr., the exercise was “a great opportunity” for the forces of both countries to learn salient experience and improve their interoperability.

“Enhancing the capability through this kind of exercise enables the Navy to assert more efficiency and effectiveness in the conduct of our mandated tasks,” he explained.

The training also involved developing capacities for gas and oil platform operations, as well as riverine warfare and interoperability through SEAL-to-SEAL training. It likewise aimed to boost the sailors’ professionalism via hands-on and field activities.

“We do the Flash Piston exercise to build camaraderie with our counterparts here in the Philippines and to build capacity between ourselves and Navsog,” said Lt. Bowell Bruhn, US Navy joint mission commander.

The SEAL teams of both nations also showcased their best practices on medical evacuation, combat military marksmanship, and human rights training.

The Flash-Piston training is under the unconventional warfare (UW) category. Opposite to the conventional warfare, UW is used to achieve military victory by means of capitulation or clandestine support for one party in an existing conflict.

What is Unconventional Warfare?

Unconventional warfare (abbreviated UW) is the opposite of conventional warfare. Whereas conventional warfare is used to reduce the opponent’s military capability, unconventional warfare is an attempt to achieve military victory through acquiescence, capitulation, or clandestine support for one side of an existing conflict.

Watch this for Unconventional Warfare Training:

Photo Credit: Fleet PAO, Yahoo SG

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